Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mondayleezza Wrap-Up

OK, so there's just one more thing to cover from yesterday's frantic but spectacular Condiday. You know how Condi just lost her BFF Jack Straw? Well, Diplomatrix didn't even wait a decent week before welcoming his successor into her pillowy, matching armchairs photo-op boudoire. Observe:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (R) meets British Foreign Minister Margaret Beckett in New York. Foreign ministers from world powers held intensive discussions on Iran's controversial nuclear program, a US spokesman said, but there was no sign whether they made any progress on a unified position.(AFP/Stan Honda)
Oh, Condi, how could you? So soon? You're playing a treacherous (yet thrilling!) game, Madame Secretary!

Also, please note that this was an improvised matching armchairs photo-op, since our princess was in New York. But do you think a small, tasteful ceramic jar is an acceptable replacement for the traditional small, tasteful flower arrangement? I'll say yes.


Anonymous said...

Well. Yesterday was just a regular Condoleezzapalooza, wasn't it? (Say in Church Lady voice.)

Two sparkly appendages up here!


Anonymous said...

Nah, they should have left out that table and accessories altogether, or the metal fan, and maybe they could have centered things a little better?

Peteykins said...

Metal fan? That's a firescreen!

But, no, the matching armchairs photo-op absolutely requires a low, central accent. It's compositionally necessitated!

Peteykins said...

Margaret's fashion choice is very strange. It's like an unstructured oversized suit made out of orange velour. Really peculiar.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The jar in question is Ms. Beckwith's cuspidor.
It's obvious in the photo the lady has a cheek filled with chaw she'll soon need to expectorate.

Unknown said...

The jar/vase, whatever is total crap..its too small and insignificant.

Maggies suit sucks pond scum..seriously.

Anonymous said...

The Metal Fan is a firescreen? Duh....my bad. We who heat with wood would not use a fireplace because too much heat is lost so how would I know. Of course I am also totally out in lalaland with regard to the higher fashion implications of matching chairs since most of ours come as singles from the dump. LOL BTW, is COndi wearing a skirt or just the top and jacket?

Esri Rose said...

Yeah, the wee porcelain jar isn't doing it for me. Those are nice chairs, though.

And what is UP with Condi's uber-crossed legs? Really, I'm thinking the poor dear has allergies and is perpetually holding in a fart.