Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Also Worthless: Karen Hughes

I was thinking earlier today about Karen Hughes, Bush's gal-pal and Condi's BFF, and her totally pointless-sounding "listening tour" of the Middle East. Let's face it: she's being flown around from embassy to embassy doing what all this President's men do: making excuses and pretending to listen, and being completely out of it. And how much is this totally useless adventure costing all of us? Gosh, I don't know! Go find another blog to tell you that!

Power-shopping duo and Best Friends FOREVER, March, 2005

Anyway, I was thinking about all that (I do that a lot. I just sit there quietly, thinking about Condi and her pals) before even seeing this article. So how is that silly "listening tour" going anyway? Let's listen in:
Mrs Hughes said she looked forward to the day that Saudi women would play an active role in civil society and quoted Laura Bush, the first lady, as saying a bird can’t fly if one wing is broken. America hoped Saudi women will “spread your wings”, she said.

Students and teachers lined up at the microphones to express in perfect English their indignance at the stereo-typing of Saudi women as living in a closed society, unable to work or drive or vote. They also slammed the US media for spreading such an image, notably one Oprah Winfrey show that they said presented a Saudi woman beaten by her husband together with the message that theirs was a country to be avoided.
Neato, Karen! You're doing a heck of a job!


Anonymous said...

Karen Hughes would be more effective recruiting Islamic linebackers for the Texas Longhorns, it's within her scope of experience.
Nobody shut down the run like "Big Shoulders" Hughes in her glory varsity days.

I'd like to see a "Karen testosterone level" alert myself.

mrs the experience said...

I love how they are coordinating outfits, though. They look So Very Put Together.

Shelly said...

What exactly are Karen's qualifications? Or did she just attend the weekend sleep over at Crawford's Western White House where they all played spin the bottle for who gets what white house appointment? I hear she had to spend "7 minutes in heaven" with FEMA's Michael Brown and he didn't even get past first base cause she didn't put it in writting, or crossed her heart hop to die, or double stamped a tripple stamp !!