Sunday, August 14, 2005

Condiblogger Outreach Continues


Echo1 said...

No, YOU have the best blog EVER!!


tik said...

It took a little while, but here are two very nearly unobscured photos of condi with shoes! And Boots! mee-yow!

Condi pumps it up

These boots were made for walkin'

Anonymous said...

*wipes a tear from her eye* I only gave you a few pointers, but I'm so happy to see you using ",like," and "totally". My girl's come shooo far. I'm, like, OMG.



Civic Center said...

You be careful, Princess, among all those Condi worshipers. It could end badly, like the movie "She" with Ursula Andress. Plus, they might come here here to your place and lurk like scary trolls.

Echo1 said...

I'm totally harmless meself. But let it be known that the princess initiated the light trolling, so let's keep that in mind. With that said, I completely welcome at my site anything you wanna throw at it. Seriously. It is all good.

I'm a stat whore just like the next blogger.
Later gator!

Peteykins said...

I declare Jeremy cool!

Plus, I'm not posting nasty comments on the other Condiblogs, just silly ones. I save the nasty ones for Jeff Gannon. :)

Echo1 said...

Hell yeah I'm cool!

My blog is pretty lame, as is all too evident, but I ain't!

I like the cornrow Secretary of Thug Condi down below...pretty brutal, but I see a Rice/Biden debate getting out of control and Rice pulls out a glock, "What did you say you cracka mutha phucka!?"

Well, that's what the photoshop says to me anyways...


Matt said...

Princess Sparkle Pony,

I enjoyed your comment on my blog and hope you take the reply in good fun as well.