Monday, June 16, 2014

GOP Gets Squirrely

On Friday at Wonkette, I made a particularly dumb post where I imagined a parallel universe in which the GOP embraced cat memes to spread their message. Within hours, amazingly, reports started filtering in about a Republican operative roaming around in... a squirrel costume, delivering meme-y platitudes against Hillary Clinton. What's a satirist to do when his job is being done without him?

So anyway, just as I demonstrated at Wonkette that I can produce better cat memes than the GOP, it behooves me to also demonstrate that I can create squirrel memes better than they can:


LIBear said...

Praise Jebus Kryste!!
The one with the tourist sombrero put a stitch in my side.

Anonymous said...

The first one just about made me spit out my coffee. BWAAHAAHA!!


Grace Hall said...

Homophobic much? Well, if your little republican brain can't understand what homophobic means it means you clearly hate gays you piece of sh*t.