Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Compelling Evidence That Richard Cohen's Editorial Oversight At The Washington Post Is Basically "Spell Check"

I've mentioned before that there are basically two kinds of Richard Cohen columns: "Boring Waste of Time" and "Thunderously Stupid Waste of Time." His latest is definitely in the second category.

Guess what? Richard Cohen thinks Iraq is a messy mess right now why? Because we haven't been "engaging" enough, we need to restart the war (and start another one in Syria, of course), no interference in the Middle East is bad interference, etc. He must have gotten two, maybe even three pats on the head from Fred Hyatt for this one!

Or not. As of this writing, more than eight hours after Cohen posted this neocon drek,  the Washington Post's online editors still haven't noticed that his column repeats three times. Or maybe that's a rhetorical device? A bad argument becomes more convincing when evoked thrice? Or perhaps it's a "Beetlejuice" kind of thing, where Cohen believes if he repeats the same thing three times it will become a reality? Let's hope not!


Anonymous said...

Having it repeat three times makes his writing more impactful! Good catch!


turtledove said...

it WASN't a waste of time: we got another fantastic PSP photoshop out of the deal. We should have had three!

Anonymous said...

"The Washington Post has a task: to create a second or a third Richard Cohen, or the second and third Richard Cohen of the world." (With apologies to Che).