Thursday, February 13, 2014

Other Good Things About The Aurora Shooting

Bernie Herpin is a Republican state senator in Colorado. People are very mad at him! Herpin is a valiant protector of your Second Amendment rights, and that includes having all the ammunition you want because that is what George Washington and Button Gwinnett wanted for you. So, sheesh, all Senator Herpin said was that it was a "good thing" that James Holmes had a 100-round ammunition magazine, because those things just jam all the time, which saves lives. Why is this so hard to understand?

Here are a couple of other good things about the Aurora shooting:

  • It's a good thing that Holmes shot up a movie theater, because he could have gone somewhere even more crowded, so many more people could have been killed. This is why heroes like Bernie Herpin defend everybody's right to carry guns into movie theaters. Because it saves lives.
  • It's a good thing that one of Holmes's victims was a six-year-old, because today's youth are so brainwashed by the liberal media that she probably would have grown up to be a Democrat who would take your guns away. 
  • It's a good thing that Holmes committed his mass slaughter in Aurora, because it could have happened in Colorado Springs.

This post was sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

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