Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Odds, Ends, Plugs, Warnings

It's "What If?" time over at Wonkette again. This week I ponder the prose stylings of Breitbart's Ben Shapiro, and wonder just how many times you have to hit yourself on the head with a hammer before it all starts to make any sense. Don't try this at home!

In other news, last Thursday I posted a thing about what fun it was to discover that some of my best friends were heroin addicts.  I'm sorry to say that I received the update I feared would come, so the post has been amended.

Meanwhile, Washington is apparently going to be mummified in ten feet of solid ice tonight and tomorrow. Neat!

And finally, if you're irritated that I'm writing for Wonkette again, because I should be posting here more, you are going to HATE me this Sunday when something I did for an even more mainstream enterprise is published. Details to come!

UPDATE: Or not this Sunday!


pat1755 said...

Not irritated at all, just pleased as punch that you are getting more bigtime exposure!

Michael Strickland said...

What pat1755 said. Can't wait.

Toriko said...

"It’s tempting to call Ben Shapiro’s argument circular, but it’s more like a Möbius strip, never-ending and one-sided"