Saturday, January 04, 2014

This Arizonan Heartily Endorses Steven Seagal As GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

Obviously I'm not saying I endorse Steven Seagal to be the next governor of Arizona, but I love this story about him "considering" a run for the job. It's a little scary, but I like the idea of Seagal winning the Republican nomination because then it would force the citizens of Arizona to really look in the mirror and ask themselves what kind of state they've become, or are becoming. Most of my family still live there, so I (and, I'm sure, they) would like to know the answer to this question.

However, I'm afraid it seems highly unlikely that this ridiculous turn of events will actually come to pass. Seagal's background is so sketchy, so littered with sleaze and damning, well-reported gossip, that it's difficult to imagine him exposing himself to the level of scrutiny a run for a major office would bring. We can all hope, though!


Michael Strickland said...

Gosh, thanks for that SPY PDF 1980s link. Somebody really needs to write a fat, scholarly Life and Times of Steven Seagal biography. Done correctly, it would explain a lot.

dinthebeast said...

I would advise against tempting fate.
See also: California, Governator.

-Doug in Oakland

lambcannon said...

my first reaction when i heard this

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

The trouble with actors running for office is that campaign stops get mixed up with celebrity appearances, at which crowds go batshit at the sight of A Movie Star.

Even a hack like Seagal could inspire such a reaction.