Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Richard Cohen Lies In Self Defense

You're probably surprised that I didn't write about Richard Cohen's most recent fiasco in the Washington Post. Truth is, I skimmed his latest column last night, and it was so boring and muddled that I stopped paying attention before reaching the scandalous part. Oh well!

But today Richard is on the defensive, and decided to make lame excuses for himself on the Huffington Thing, and the whole affair is just whine, whine, whine, bahhh, it's so hurtful that people call me racist! I'm the victim here! God, this guy is such a sniveling shit.

But the funniest thing is that Cohen tries to defend himself by pointing to his... uh... stellar record of superior opinionating, completely ignoring that this is only the latest example of him writing stupid, racist things and getting called out for it. And then he lied for good measure:

"But you're talking to somebody who has written, I don't know, 100 columns in favor of homosexual rights, many columns in favor of same sex marriage."

That, Pony Pals, is a complete lie. Look, I've been hate-reading Richard Cohen's column for years and years, and I honestly can't recall a single time he's ever written "in favor of homosexual rights," much less "100 columns." As for same-sex marriage, you may recall that I made fun of him just seven months ago when he wrote his very first column on the subject, a piece of writing in which he, without a trace of irony, castigated others for "waiting so long" to support gay marriage, even though those who had "waited so long" didn't wait as long as Cohen himself! In the same column, he had the monumental nerve to call other people hacks.

The scuttlebutt is that Richard Cohen has been safe at the Washington Post for so long because he's all chummy with Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee. But now that Bozo, or whatever his name is, is in charge, why are they keeping him around?

UPDATE: The Washington Post's marble-mouthed, unconvincing defense of Cohen is here. 


LuluMaude said...

Since my youth I have had a weakness for people who use the phrase sniveling shit.

I was so excited to read about Cohen's problems that I sashayed right over here to see what you'd say, and there you were, saying Sniveling Shit!

I adore you!

The Cat's Meow said...

As soon as I saw the hed on the Daily Beast Cheat Sheet (having missed reading the paper this morning due to fabulous social engagements), I fired off a quick email to my better half saying, WHAT will it take for WaPo to fire Richard Cohen? I'm going to sit right down and write Bozo a letter!

dinthebeast said...

Sniveling HORSE shit. Get it right.


-Doug in Oakland