Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Richard Cohen, Who Waited Until Today To Support Gay Marriage, Criticizes People Who Took So Long To Support Gay Marriage

The headline above says pretty much all you need to know about Richard Cohen's latest column. It's hard to argue with his opening statement, however:

We have all become political hacks.

Haw, well, speak for yourself, Richard!. He then proceeds to write a by-the-numbers piece on the inevitability of hairdresser weddings.

Don't go praising politicians for coming out for the nuptials, however: "They didn't lead; they followed," says Cohen, writing about the subject for the very first time.

UPDATE: I'm struck again that Richard Cohen –Richard Cohen!– has the nerve to call anybody else a hack.


Fran said...

What a battle cry... Rally the troops! We've been a bunch of self-serving and disingenuous asses, and now we can exhale and get on with things! Let's even say that gay marriage is "even romantic!" Who knew? The only question is... who can we demean and marginalize next?

Oh that Richard, he is the icing on the cake, or the figure at the very least!

Peteykins said...

For somebody as "reflective" as Richard Cohen, he sure is unable to see his own reflection!

Tengrain said...

I think Cohen is the WaPo ambassador to Peggy Noonan's WSJ Mai Tai parlor.



The Cat's Meow said...

Alice Roosevelt Longworth once memorably dismissed Thomas Dewey as "the little man on the wedding cake." Since Dewey is no longer with us, and Richard Cohen is just as empty a vessel as T.D. was, I'd say this is just perfect.