Friday, November 08, 2013

Callista Gingrich Besieged By Throngs Of Admirer At Book Signing

(Both photos Rory O'Driscoll, LaCrosse Tribune)

Don't get me wrong, Goddess Callista has a good thing going with her string of inane patriotic children's books. She's been on every single right-wing chat show in the past few weeks to plug installment #3 (check out her twitter feed for her robotic TV appearance plugs and signing announcements), and the books have sold well, so I'm sure the whole endeavor has been worthwhile.

But for every glamorous funchat on The Five or The View or whatever, there are ten bleak events like the less than plush one shown above, which took place yesterday in Wisconsin. Cally doesn't exactly look mobbed, does she? In fact:

Gingrich signed more than 20 copies of her newest children’s book for local fans before autographing about 100 copies for Barnes and Noble’s annual holiday book drive.

LOL at "more than 20 copies."  It should be obvious that with each succeeding trip to the Ellis the Elephant well, there will be ever diminishing returns. What I remember from working with children's books is that a new series, like Ellis the Elephant, can be a success with parents, but in order for the series to be a continuing hit, it has to be a BIG success with the kids. I can't tell you how many ambitious new series I saw getting to volume three or four before coming to an abrupt halt. Parents won't buy successive volumes in a series that their children don't respond to, and let's face it: Ellis the Elephant is thin gruel.

Also: where's Ellis? All sexed out again?

BONUS: the photographer saw fit to provide us with a close-up of the Divine Moon Goddess's hands:


Muscato said...

Wow. I was going to be nice and say "Gee, she has good hands for a woman her age..." - and then I remembered SHE'S NOT EVEN FIFTY!

How does a woman contrive to look decades older than her chronological age? Why?

So many Calli-mysteries...

MrBadTrash said...

Her rings probably cost more than I've earned in the last 10 years. If I start voting for the GOP, will my salary increase?

Anonymous said...

Goodness, gracious. She's a.... lefty.

LuluMaude said...

Wow! Imagine all that Face Time with La Callista.

Okay, don't.

Aunt Snow said...

Oh ugh. French manicure. I hate French manicures, they are so tacky. Plus - square-shaped nails, also, too!