Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Sketchbook: "Real Jacuzzi Talk Comix", Circa 1988

In 1988 I shared a three-bedroom house with roommates on Grand Avenue in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego. Behind our house was a row of three small apartments with whom we shared a jacuzzi. Swingin'!

Well, no, not really, and thank goodness, because the jacuzzi was right outside my bedroom window (not that I didn't hear a couple of amorous escapades, mind you). But it was fun sometimes to eavesdrop on the inane conversations which emanated from it like some forlorn, sodden chat show. Occasionally I'd jot down random overheard snippets in comic strip form (UPDATE: you guys know these are just scribbles, right? It's OK if you say they're terrible drawings, because they are. These were never attempts to be a "real" cartoonist. Oh, and yes, the use of the word "j'accuse" was intentional.). Here are a few of those:

I remember we used to refer to this woman as "trashy lady":


dianegsocialist said...

I love these, I like the "jotted-downness." I know you make a distinction between yourself and a "real cartoonist" but, silly me, I don't see the distinction and the things I've seen of yours in this area are fabulous!

I prize the drawing you sent me.

choff said...

And mine! Framed!

Physioprof said...

I really like your dashed off quick sketches. They are so energetic.

nixiebunny said...

Love it! I've been using that line about "all kinds of music" for 25 years, ever since I first read it in your comix.