Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hardcore Apostrophe Abuse Courtesy Jennifer Rubin And The Washington Post

Intentional April 1 foolishness, or just par for the course?


samael7 said...

Huh. Somone tried to read the style manual for pluralizing nonstandard nouns words after too many diazepam and Dubonnet.

samael7 said...

Annnd I pwnd myself.

"Nounds words." Awesome. Well, I'm qualified to take over Jen-Jen's job, at least.

Frank said...

There is a regular commenter on Jen Rubin's columns named "Rubinesque".

S/he has a delightful avatar - a combination of Jen Rubin's cartoon image combined with the internet troll image.


Peteykins said...

Haw, Frank, a bunch of the people who troll Rubin also use my pink "hearts 'n' spangles" pic of Jen.