Friday, March 29, 2013

Sketchbook: Abstract Comic Strip, Late 80s

I have no memories of drawing this crude, awkward comic strip, nor do I remember any specific meaning or reason for it. Uhhhh... nature is dangerous?


Anonymous said...

for some reason, the vomiting panel reminds me of "Baby Sue."

Anonymous said...

Well it reminds me of some , ahh, 'experiences' some buds of mine hd after discovering a Sacred Datura in Saguaro National Park one night…apparently a giant monster attacked them , with claws spaced *remarkably* like saguaro thorns…

But baaah, this was the late 70's no one did that stuff in the 80's, right? ;-)

OTOH hiking through the region around Gates Pass under the influence of LSD on a full moon was a remarkable experience.

Teddy bear chollas glowing fluorescent blue….