Monday, April 23, 2012

Jennifer Rubin Suddenly Discovers Homophobia In The GOP

This is rich: PSP girlfriend Jennifer Rubin noticed that a bunch of Republicans are unhappy that Mitt Romney hired a hairdresser, and so, startled, she decided that it's finally time, in 2012, to ever-so-gently suggest that –hold on to your hats!– the GOP might be homophobic, and this might be a problem. Revelation!

This from the woman who never said a bad thing about Rick Santorum until this year.

Also, Jen, if you're going to call out gay bashers, you may wish to start with... Mitt Romney, who gave tons of money directly to the National Organization for Marriage, and who knows how much indirectly through his tithing to the Church of Latter Day Saints. One wonders, too, if Ms. Rubin is prepared to "take on" the intense, insane homophobia spouted by Orthodox Jewish leaders. Something tells me she may just avoid that issue.

So is Jennifer Rubin going to become a crusader for gay rights? LOL, no. Keep in mind that she's not denouncing homophobia to defend gays, she denouncing homophobia to defend Mitt Romney.

But I love Jen's inane post anyway, not because I believe it's all that sincere, but because it's yet another example of the battle within the GOP: Neocons and "paleoconservatives" on one side,  and nutball religious fundamentalists on the other. It's my favorite spectator sport.


Matty Boy said...

The left seems is annoyed at this guy, too, mainly for being a bitchy little hairdresser who makes personal attacks, including at least one on the hair of a certain goddess well known to PonyPals. The hairdresser in question, Richard Grennell, has taken to deleting hundreds of tweets this weekend.

That trick never works.

Peteykins said...

Ha ha, right, he's been criticized for making fun of Callista Gingrich, which is ridiculous, because Callista Gingrich is such a patently ludicrous person.

missannethrope said...

Love the schadenfreude emanating from your final paragraph. I too enjoy the spectacle of the circular firing squad.

samael7 said...

I have to say, the week-long reader letters to Andrew Sullivan after the "Ask Jennifer Rubin Anything" segments have been reassuring that, why, yes, she is a warmongering crazyperson (aka "neoconservative").

I mean, we knew that, but it's nice to have other sources confirm it.

Peteykins said...

And now Andrew Sullivan has gone from "ask Jennifer Rubin anything" to "ask Spencer Ackerman anything," so apparently the series is concerned with only the most irritating bloggers.

The Cat's Meow said...

That Jen! She's always ahead of the curve, isn't she?!