Saturday, February 18, 2012

Uppity Shopgirls Say Mean Things About Callista

Oh! You will be incensed! Neiman Marcus is supposed to be discreet:

The sales clerks behind the jewelry counter at the Neiman Marcus here didn't watch Callista Gingrich's Friday speech at CPAC — but they could guess exactly what outfit she'd picked for the occasion.

"Was she wearing a red St. John's?" [yes] asked one eye-rolling employee, prompting a nearby co-worker to snicker and nod in agreement.

Can you believe it? A reporter from Buzzfeed, of all places, spoke to "five different employees" at Neiman's Tyson's Corner store! Heads will ROLL, Pony Pals, trust me.

We do find out that our favorite Queen of the Moon has a penchant for St. John's Knits. Heck, I could have told you that.

And finally, some advice from an insolent clerk:

"Somebody just needs to shake her up, put a comb through that hair, and take a cloth to her face" to remove her makeup, he said.

Still, for all his complaints, he said he hoped Gingrich wins the presidency: "Then I'd have access to the White House," he said.

Ha ha, not now!

And, of course, they gossip about Callista dressing older than her years, totally missing the point that this is intentional.


Matty Boy said...

The sad truth about the GOP race is Romney is still nearly inevitable. The money difference is insanely large and the process is grotesquely expensive. It's going to be a lot less fun without Callista Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

The Cat's Meow said...

Yep, those salesfolk at Neiman's have definitely screwed themselves. By the way, has anyone noticed that Karen Santorum has had a makeover? And is the sultry teen who stands behind Ricky at the lectern the grownup version of the crying little girl with the doll?

Anonymous said...

I thought the Needless Markup sales people were being nice to Callista, aka Callie-lou of the moon. They should had scream bloody murder in how Callista and Newt spend huge amounts of money to dress hideously. At least Cindy McCain spent huge amount of money to dress incredibly tastefully, while Michelle Obama looks great in pretty much anything...

Newt could save a money on a suit for a gym membership, and he would look much, much better..

Callista could look okay, if she stop with these idiotic Ann Taylor knock offs and thinks she can pass the fashion test with some nice jewelry. She should wear some Channel suits, or a couple nice Armani pants suits, skip the jewelry, wear her hair really short, and stop bleeding dying it canary yellow/platinum white, or whatever horrible hair dye she is using.

Callista will probably copy the one annoying fashion that Cindy McCain did, and that were those horrible crochet tiny sweater jacket tops.

Anonymous said...

"Favorite" Queen of the Moon? Callista is the only Queen of the Moon!

samael7 said...

Anonymous (the first one), that was an excellent comment, and so true.

Of course if it wasn't for her hairchetecture and her personal style, our Cally-Lou wouldn't be Callista.

And am I the only one who's alarmed that her nickname is . . . really easy to use?