Saturday, December 03, 2011

More Pulse-Pounding, Thrilling Adventures Of Glori, Your Movie Theater Concessions Customer Service Representative

This really happened:

And so did this, a lot:

(All drawings circa 1992, colored 2011)


Diane Griffin said...

I know just how she felt.

samael7 said...

Oo, dear, the backrub. Was it shock? Terror? Autism-spectrum discomfort?

Re: the popcorn maker: been there.

Lulu Maude said...

Do you remember Donna Louise? (Her toast grows cold; her sundae melts--Donna Louise is bored.)

Peteykins said...

I'm fairly certain it was all three, Samael. Heck, I was uncomfortable!

Anonymous said...

She was right about the movie theater pop corn maker: they are awesome.

TexasYankee said...

It must be disturbing at a core level to see hundreds, nay thousands, of little replicas of your coiffure coming out of machine, hot and buttery.

I need a pill.