Friday, April 01, 2011

Amusing Callista Funny Buried In Wikipedia Entry History

Ha, ha! OK, it's an old joke, but it could explain how, as Pony Pal™/Coworker John puts it, "a Catholic girl who attended a Lutheran college managed to convert a Southern Baptist to Catholicism."

The footnotes, of course, prove no such thing, but do link to two interesting articles about Callista 'n' Newt: The Early Years.

These revisions didn't last long on Wikipedia, but there are some other funny edits there for the finding if you go through the history and talk pages, because nothing ever really goes away on Wikipedia. Fun!


Matty Boy said...

Why did they edit it out? It has two citations!

Such sticklers.

Peteykins, have you been able to find any pictures from Newt 'n' Callista The Early Years? I don't think I've seen anything even four years old.

Aunt Snow said...

I think it's fascinating that she served as an aide on the House Agriculture Committee. As a girl from - where? - Kansas, Iowa? she must have had some expertise in seed corn, wheat subsidies, pork belly futures. What were her daily duties working for the committee? Did she go on junkets to farmland states?

Angry Parakeet said...

I was in a deli today and the TV had some newscaster on who was sporting the exact Callista hairdo!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Not that I would touch Newt Gingrich with a prophylactic-covered ten-foot pole, but he was well known for his insistence for being on the RECEIVING end of oral sex. In GingrichSpeak, this meant that he was in no way messing with the "sanctity" of whatever marriage in which he was legally involved at the time.

It was none other than Gingrich's nemesis, Bill Clinton, who reportedly was "well known for superb skills at oral sex."[Two citations--impressive!]