Monday, April 04, 2011

Talking Points Memo Gets All Dolled Up, Plus Bonus Gauguin Attack Non-News

Well, goodness. How do we feel about this? I really like Talking Points Memo, but there's something off-putting about the whole site being drenched in an Obama reelection ad. TPM obviously markets itself as a "lefty" blog, but I've always admired their ability to remain largely nonpartisan in tone. I don't think a smaller display ad would bother me as much, but the whole site-dressing makes it seem like the Obama Administration practically purchased the entire site.

So anyway! Well, as you can imagine, the big Gauguin Crazy Lady Attack was THE topic of conversation at work. That Smoking Gun link has more information than any of us rank-and-filers had earlier today. Of course, this is one of those cases where the story goes "behind the scenes," and I feel funny/scared to blog about it, but in this case I really have absolutely no information about what happened at all. I was running all over the place today pleading with the guards, "Is there surveillance footage? IS IT FUNNY? Can I see?" Alas, they couldn't be cracked; these guys are pros. God, I want to see that videotape, because you just know it has a certain edgy comedy value.

Now I feel a little bit bad, though, because I guess the lady was tortured by bionic radio waves from the CIA or something and just HAD to attack the painting. These things happen.

UPDATE (Tuesday): I saw the video! It wouldn't be right for me to describe it in any detail, but I would call it "abrupt."


Fran said...

Not just homosexual, but VERY homosexual. Oooh! My favorite kind!

The Cat's Meow said...

I was really disappointed. I thought this lady was going to be a teabagger, but from what I hear she's probably just unhinged. Wait — is there a difference?

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Just looking at her mug shot gives me the creeps. BUT, she could be made funny if the video was edited in black and white and played rag time music in the background as she tries to attack the artwork.

Peteykins said...

The entire incident was less than three seconds, so I don't think background music would have added much.