Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Richard Cohen's Tribute To Richard Holbrooke Mostly About Richard Cohen

How many words into Richard Cohen's eulogy to Richard Holbrooke does the name dropping start? Four words. Quincy Jones, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Glenn Close, Hillary and Bill Clinton... Cohen rubbed shoulders with them all! "From time to time," Cohen reveals, "we talked a bit about Afghanistan and Pakistan. I could see the situation drained him." One has to wonder which situation was more draining: Afghanistan and Pakistan, or having to talk to Richard Cohen? I'm not going to link to it, so here's a summary: I... I... I... Me... Me... Me... I... Me... My... Me... I... I.


Patrick said...

Your summary just drove me to read navel-gazing horse plop. You nailed it.

Lulu Maude said...

What a guy!

Is he syndicated out of town?

limo said...

It’ll be really very hard for united state to find his replacement in this difficult time.