Wednesday, November 10, 2010

UPDATE: Republicans Are Going To Kill Themselves Everybody At The State Level

You may recall that I wrote a thing on Monday about how the GOP's gains in Washington are bad, but their gains in the statehouses and governors' mansions nationwide are worse. The post got a lot of attention and a hearty response (thank you). I have to admit that when I write "seriously" about such things, it makes me a little self-conscious, because there are so many aspects of politics and economics I don't really understand. Am I naïve? Am I missing something? Misinterpreting the tea leaves? What? So I was relieved, if you can call it that, this morning to see an editorial in the New York Times which says exactly, exactly what I said on Monday, but in a smarter, better informed way. It doesn't really make me feel any better. OMG, so many people are so screwed.


Karen Zipdrive said...

You're intelligent, live in DC and have every right to opine politically. That you do it with humor reaches audiences that more somber pundits fail to attract.

Anonymous said...

Methinks its worse than your synopsis or that of the NYT:
the transistion to military dictatorship continues. Ref: Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, The Servile State by Hillaire Belloc

the fast buck rules, no bucks are faster than military/police ones, no one ever finishes paying for the last war which leads to the next.

sfmike said...

I like your "serious" stuff too, partly because you think for yourself, which is rarer than it should be out in PunditLand.

samael7 said...

And when you don't know something, you tend to admit it or phrase it in such a way as to be clear you're not sure you know what you're talking about . . . unlike most people who are actually getting paid to do it for a living.

PSP: 'Dos, views, and . . . something else that rhymes with "oos." Blues? News? I got nothing.

Peteykins said...