Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Richard Cohen Would Like Some Attention Some Sarah Palin Feuding Action, Too, Please. Please?

It's been a while since I've written about Richard Cohen. The Worst Writer On The Planet™ makes my head hurt, so usually I don't even bother forcing myself to read him anymore. Today, however, the headline for his op-ed, Sarah Palin is fueled by fierce stupidity, was such a bald cry for attention that I had to indulge. The piece is by-the-book Palin baiting: Sarah is dumb, she is vindictive, she starts huge feuds at the drop of a hat, etc., etc. Oh, sure, it's all true, but it's also super obvious that Cohen would love to get in on some of that hot public feuding action, because Sarah's sparring partners get so, so much attention, something nobody has paid the increasingly irrelevant Cohen in some time. He's going to be crossing his fingers all day, feverishly refreshing Palin's Twitters and Facebooks, hoping, hoping, hoping that she rises to the bait. "Maybe today it will be me," he mutters, crossing his fingers, "and I'll get to go on TV!" Good luck, Richard!

(Image: Hulton Archive/Getty Images. Not Photoshopped!)


Sharkbabe said...

Richard really IS that pathetic. Man, I'm so old I can remember when he was an actual quasi-liberal back in the Reagan horrors, and actually said things, coherently and even forcefully and stylishly.

Then I guess like too many of his class, got the usual awesome house in Kalorama or something .. well we know the drill .. gets divorce, is bitter, is getting older, sexually harrasses all the WaPo dolly birds, gets vaguely spanked .. gets bitterer, sort of a white Clarence Thomas .. whatever juice and/or integrity he may have had in some former eon, way gone now ..

You betcha Sarah gives all these fossilized irrelevancies what passes for a boner in their waning existences .. in fact that's the entirety of Sarah's meaning to our nation.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Lotsa luck, Dick.