Thursday, October 14, 2010

Real Food: Half & Half Not

Click for bigger.


Toriko said...

I like this. I'll take the fat half of the truck please.

Peteykins said...

Right, "fat free" Half & Half is an abomination.

desertwind said...

Did you know you can fold the Land O Lakes butter box in such a way that her knees replace the box the Indian Maiden is holding & it looks like she's cupping her breasts?

We thought it was hilarious!

Sharkbabe said...

Even Land 'O Lakes Fat-Full H&H is meh. Gotta be Shenandoah's Pride or nothin.

That cute lil' family farm-esque red barn turns into a hungry-looking monster upon a moment of study.

Nice presentation. You remind me of me, I always do this kind of thing in my head when I look at stuff.

Anonymous said...

Fat free half & half. What IS it made of?

And yes, Desertwind, we did that when we were twelve. (not that it isn't still funny.)

Karen Zipdrive said...

If you are a fan of half & half, buying fat free half & half is like buying a bottle of non-alcoholic Jack Daniels.
To me, buying full strength half & half is a concession I make over my true preference in coffee: heavy whipping cream.
Mmmm. How delicious would that be?