Monday, October 18, 2010

Condi Met With Obama Friday, But Photographers Were Not Present, So I'm Forced To Use This Unflattering Shot From Earlier In The Day

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks at a luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, Friday, Oct. 15, 2010. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Ugh, I really didn't want this to happen, so I waited and waited, assuming the White House Flickr page or somebody else would come to our rescue with nice shots of Condi 'n' Obama in a nicely staged matching armchairs photo, but no. It didn't happen, so we're stuck with Klingon Kondi. Tsk.

What did Condi and Barack talk about? "Books and foreign policy" are about as specific an answer as we're going to get. ABC News says they discussed a "wide range" of foreign policy issues, but the meeting was only 30 minutes, so wow, wide range. Oh, Condoleezza, you are so boring these days! I mean, I suppose I didn't expect her to be swinging from chandeliers during her book tour thing, but still! Loosen up, girl!

Speaking of the book, the LA Times finally reviewed it, and the phrase "readers hoping for candor and insight might not find much" pretty much says it all. Indeed, the reviewer only managed to squeak out seven tiny paragraphs about the thing before falling asleep. The only takeaway from it is that we learn that other mean kids called her "watermelon head," not because she was black, but because she was a nerd with a big head. And speaking of big heads, this is telling:

She scored 136 on an IQ test at age 6, she reveals, "good but not Mensa level." It was a rare setback (and one reason, she notes, that she doesn't trust standardized tests).

So there you go: Condi thinks she's a genius.


Maddiane said...

Maybe thinking she is a genius is because of who she associates with.

Brewster said...

Klingon Kondi made me spit out my coffee.

Fire phasers!

Frank said...

Please, Condi is a petaQ, not a true Klingon warrior! Chancellor Azetbur or K'Ehlyr or Lursa and Bhetor would eat her for breakfast and then go targ hunting.

samael7 said...

Lursa would crush Condi between her mighty . . . fists.

Heck, even K'Ehleyr or B'Elanna could cut her dead with a three-quarters of a Look.

Anonymous said...

The thought of Kondi, who sold herself into slavery to a faux Texan preppy for all too many years, meeting with a president who was actually elected to the office (or so it is to be hoped)is somewhat off-putting.

BTW: a quote from the NYT re "genuis" Kondi:

"She sometimes sounds like a white debutante from somewhere in Connecticut."

--John McWhorter, reviewing Condoleezza Rice's autobiography, "Extraordinary, Ordinary People"

hooverific said...

Hey she got away with (mass) murder and got PAID for it and tons of dumbasses still think she's great. If that aint genius it must be a tall order to be a genius... makes me wanna kill something.

Karen Zipdrive said...

1. Why would Obama meet with her?
I may be paranoid, but it feels like he's singling me out just to drive me crazy with shit like this.
2. We can see she's no fan of Botox, but someone needs to tell her the Shar-Pei fad was so 1982.

Sharkbabe said...

I think they called her "watermelon head" neither on grounds of racist stereotyping nor nerditude. I think they (quite astutely) used this metaphor because a watermelon is devoid of consciousness.