Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quickie: Bill O'Reilly Marvels That Even Though Condi Was A Black Girl, She Wasn't "A Little Thug – A Little Thugette"

Condi book tour continues! She was on with the O'Reilly person yesterday, and, ha, did he ever try to bait her! So funny, but you can't catch the Condibot in that old trap. Bill, Dr. Ferragamo has never said anything controversial out loud and she never will.

Does the following seem a little... like a repeat of Bill O'Reilly marveling over how an African American restaurant was actually civilized and nice? Because it does to me:

O'REILLY: So that's tough. I mean, you know, when you're in a family and you have to perform as a child, you had to perform.

RICE: But I didn't feel that way about it. I felt that they were giving me every possible opportunity, and I was taking advantage of some and not of others.

O'REILLY: But they -- you correct me if I'm wrong. They structured your day so that you had to study, you had to do the piano, you had -- or what was it, the instrument?

RICE: Piano.

O'REILLY: Piano, right. You had to do this stuff, and you weren't allowed, you know, to be -- I wasn't really allowed. I just did it. But you weren't a little thug -- a little thugette?

RICE: I was actually a little tomboy.

She was black but wasn't raised to be a thugette! Well done, Condiparents!


Anonymous said...

Why is the term "thug" generally associated with blacks? It definitely has a racial connotation.

Christopher said...

Well it comes from Indian --- and then was ported to 19th C British English. So it's always been associated with whatever outsider class / castes were running or apart of the street gangs at the time.

Christopher said...

Can we comment on O'Reilly's seeming failure to remember what instrument? I mean *come on* he's either lying, completely out of touch (okay yes to both but about this particularly thing), or he's being totally patronizing. "That little hobby of yours? What was what it? Crossword puzzles? Oh right right, concert pianist. Sounds so official!"

Aunt Snow said...

Coulda been iceskating....

Matty Boy said...

She is a credit to her race. If O'Reilly is a credit to his, whatever that race might be, we should consider exterminating it.

samael7 said...

I think, not for the first time, Condi has the "superpower" ability to render nearly any potentially emotionally-charged situation into the equivalent of tepid gruel.

I mean, props for her not rising to Bill's bait, and all, but working with Vice Bully Cheney surely thickened her skin sufficiently to barely notice this garden variety one.

Sharkbabe said...

God what a shallow, racist twat O'Reilly is.

Of course, we all hand it to Condi for rising above her mud-people origins to become a war criminal and pianner girl!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh my God, if I'd heard her refer to herself as a tomboy I'm pretty sure I would have peed my pants laughing--right on my couch and I wouldn't care!
Tomboy, indeed. I think that might be Latin for "baby dyke."

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Condi has redefined the derogatory term, "Oreo."
Now, I'm not calling her an Oreo but she does seem to fit the definition.
Calling someone an Oreo would be rude, even if they are total Oreos.
Let's all just be polite and forget the term Oreo, especially when it pertains to Condi.