Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quickie: Vanity Fair Discovers Photoshop, Fails To Find Color Adjustment Features

There is something inherently humorous about Vanity Fair's Republican Beefcake Calendar, a fake "hunk of the month" type deal featuring such horrors as John Boehner in a Speedo. My only problem is that the Photoshopping is really, REALLY bad! None of them look as convincing as, for instance, my Dirty Pictures of Dick Cheney™, and I'm hardly a master of the art of the head-swap. I have to assume that Vanity Fair can afford to hire a better Photoshopper, so who is to blame for this embarrassment? An intern? Or did they do it badly on purpose?


sfmike said...

It's got to be intentional because they have some great photo retouchers in the magazine. Or is that just the advertisers? It's certainly a good question you're asking, though. Is it less offensive if it's obviously a lampoon rather than being seamless Photoshop compositions like the models in all the surrounding ads?

I saw the original "Stepford Wives" in a movie theater when it came out and wasn't much impressed, but saw it on television a few years later surrounded by girlie television commercials that looked just like the film, and I finally realized what a subversive masterpiece the thing was. The Republican Beefcake Calendar people had an opportunity to do the same thing, but didn't. Too bad.

Aunt Snow said...

I gotta admit, the Michael Steele photo is hilarious.

samael7 said...

I looked at the first couple of pictures and couldn't look at any more.

"I lost 10 lbs this way, and I feel great!"