Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Ricky Rebel: Interviews, Part Three, 1995

Here's the third section of interviews with Rick Rebel from our 1995 one-off "Satan Brand Magazine." Part one is here and part two is here. Enjoy:

I really wish I had stuck with the plan to interview Rick about his childhood. I'd still like to do so! I've kinda been hoping that publishing all this stuff on PSP would bring Rick back out of the woodwork, but no luck thus far.

This has been the final part of the interviews I conducted with Rick, but there's more to come from Satan Brand Magazine, including a totally fun board game (!), and, of course, more cassettes. Stay tuned!

And also, isn't this ridiculous, cartoony "Satanic" stuff a good antidote to Glenn Beck's sappy Christian thing on the Mall this weekend?


Lamb Cannon said...

Sometimes, PSP, when I tire of strangling kittens and need to get my infiniteseminal rox off, sure i do what all red-blooded 56-year old fags do: hit craiglist

butt, lately keep hearing from these soi-disant 'satanists'. i'm with you, its so predictably cheesy; but what really pisses me off is that you have to believe in "Christ" myths to begin with to be a goat-rimmer; they are actually dull as toast. Bless the fags at South Park for revealing this over and over again.

Anonymous said...

This is totally the best interview I've ever read, and I'm being serious.