Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Who Wrote/Posted What Now?

This is really funny: Bill Kristol's rag just breathlessly posted "THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained Sarah Palin's imminent Facebook post on the Israeli Flotilla incident."

OMG, scoop! They got to publish it even before Saint Sarah herself tweeted it on her Facebook Twitter Tumblr Blogspot whatever thing! But wait a minute... think about it for just a second: of course The Weekly Standard had it before Sarah herself had it. How could it be any other way? Let's review:

  • Bill Kristol was/is a huge Sarah fan, seeing her as raw, moldable clay and a great new Neocon™ spokesmodel.
  • The few, rare times Palin has shown any interest in international affairs, she has unfailingly repeated Neocon™ talking points.
  • Palin is known to use ghost-writers. You can tell when one of her Facebook things is written by Sarah herself: they're short, totally senseless, filled with awkward syntax, teenspeak, etc. The other things, the longer "policy" posts, are obviously, obviously, obviously (how many times do I have to say it?) the work of ghosties, totally different in style and structure and not reconcilable with her "voice."
  • This latest post, the one The Weekly Standard "got first," falls into the obviously-ghosted category (it contains, for instance, a seven-syllable word, proof enough). The subject is Israel, duh, and it displays the hard-line "Israel can never, ever, ever do anything wrong and to suggest otherwise is to be totally against Israel and all it stands for" tone all too well known to readers of... The Weekly Standard.

Keeping all this in mind, it seems totally obvious to me that it had to have been somebody at The Weekly Standard who wrote this little thing for Sarah's holy Facebook in the first place. So no wonder they "obtained" it before Sarah posted it herself: they had it first because they came up with it first!

OMG, sometimes I am just so totally smart I scare myself.


Matty Boy said...

In many cultures, neophytes and apprentices will sign their master's name to their own work as a sign of respect.

Now we have apprentices signing the name of a neophyte out of respect.

My head hurts a little.

Professor Chaos said...

how would they expect anyone to believe that they got a "tweet" before it was tweeted? Is there some sort of Twitter rough draft? Isn't an un-tweeted tweet just a thought? I don't get it. There's no way to get an advance copy, is there?

Jun Okumura said...

It is only fair to neo-cons to point out that JFK won a Pulitzer with a book widely believed to have been ghostwritten by a team led by Ted Sorenson. Of course everyone had the wits not to announce the fact themselves...

Peteykins said...

Yes, I am aware that Sarah Palin is not the first politician to use a ghost writer.

I'm not, however, willing to accept a false equivalence between her and JFK.

Jun Okumura said...


As a matter of competence and intelligence, you're right. But as writers regarding their integrity, there is an equivalence between them. There is a case to be made that William Hung was more honest than Sophia Loren in Aida.

I think that Singing in the Rain (unintentionally perhaps) makes this point beautifully.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh, for God's sake.
You could easily put what Sarah Palin knows about the Israeli flotilla in a small tortilla.
As for the ghostwriting bit--intelligent but busy people select intelligent ghost writers to articulate things they do not have time to say or write.
As for Palin, she's just a fucking imbecile, and no ghostwriter can make that fact go away.

Peteykins said...

Karen, you put things colorfully yet correctly as usual.

Jun: very well said, and agreed.

I think Singing in the Rain, one of the only musicals I like, makes that point quite intentionally.

samael7 said...


"OMG! Scoop! It's totally news that this we have this piece of non-news from a prominent politi- . . . non-politi- . . . sorta-politi- . . . OMG from Sarah Palin!!!"

Or shorter:
"*starbursts* Sarah Palin! <3Sarah Palin! <3 Sarah Palin!"

Aunt Snow said...

I like that Sarah's tweet about "drill baby drill" today also included some name calling and "toldja so"'ing.

It's what we really need in the White House - a President with the maturity of a 13 year old girl.

Karen, I was just surprised that Sarah knew how to spell Gaza.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Her ghostwriter knew how to spell Gaza. She thought it was spelled Gah-zah.