Monday, June 21, 2010

Update: Prescott, Arizona Bigot Punished More

(Prescott News)

Pony Pal™ J in Prescott alerts us to this article in the Prescott News which reveals that not only did noteworthy bigot Steve Blair lose his radio show over the ridiculous mural flap, but he has now been forced to sell his bread distribution business which has been in his family for nearly a half-century. Harsh! He is, however, still on the city council. The article is fascinating, though, because it demonstrates that in a small town like Prescott, scandals like this have a way of snowballing in unexpected ways. A must read!


sleepyinsaudi said...

Amazing article, and on the side bar, you can click on "read the actual broadcast". Well worth reading.

Peteykins said...

I'm very, very impressed with the work Prescott News has done on this story. This article, in particular, is so well thought out. Kudos to them.

pat1755 said...

Some schadenfreude with breakfast! Thanks, Sparkle, and thank you, Gods of Karma.

Matty Boy said...

Wow. The company hitting him that hard was a little surprising.

I personally hate the militaristic bumper stickers "Freedom isn't free", which I see as a threat to scare the public into fighting whatever the current war is. That said, this guy got a big smackdown lesson in "Free speech isn't free." You say something stupid on the wrong stage, it can cost you.

Now if it would only start costing Sarah Palin.

Madduane said...

Matty -- I think Sarah's use of speech does cost her. She only profits by it with her idiot base, and with every word she says, she sabotages her ambitions beyond that base. She'll never be taken seriously by anyone serious.

pat1755 said...

BTW, eprescottnews is blocking the IPs of commenters who express opposition to Blair. Pretty interesting, given that their whole take was that his God-given freedom of speech had been somehow violated.

J in Prescott said...

Gotta love Arizona.

First Steve 'give him enough rope' Blair is given a new show (!) (starting 7/9/10)on the same station that just fired him:

......then we just sat through a city council workshop on the mural that ended with ANOTHER council member, John Hanna, talking about how California people bring 'gang' members to Prescott and he NEVER remembers and discrimination growing up here, everyone judged each other on their merits, not the color of their skin.

Blair passed on speaking.

This guy:

Thanks again.

Peteykins said...

I don't get it. Why did they fire him, then?

Anonymous said...

That is not known quite yet, maybe they found enough advertisers to back him.

He is in a hole and they just handed him a shovel, this can't help him.

One of the council members was out today so they put a scarecrow in her council chair, nothing like professionalism and class :