Monday, May 03, 2010

UPDATE: Charlie Crist's Sad Portrait For Sale On eBay

Sparkle Pony flashback to May 12, 2009, AP Photo

You may remember the poignant photograph shown above from last year. Now you can own this sad, sad piece of Florida history because the painting is for sale on eBay! I kinda want it*! Don't you?

*I'm currently the high bidder at 2,000 smackeroos. Sadly, I don't expect my bid to last. OMG, what if it does? What if I win? Should I donate it to a museum? A pony can dream.

UPDATE – Oy, outbid already.
UPDATE – It's currently up to $5600, but I can't imagine it'll go for much more than that.


Dean Booth said...

Here's a black velvet version:

samael7 said...

Does the Florida Republican Party actually get the money? There's an unpleasant thought.

Wonkette reports it was commissioned for over $7k. I think I'll have a brief shiver of schadenfreude is it goes for less than what they paid for it. Everybody loses!