Monday, May 03, 2010

Random Arizona Anecdote

Cactus flower in my parents' backyard, 2005, click for bigger.

When you grow up in the suburbs of Tucson, there are certain things you can do like normal American kids (ride bicycles), and certain things you can't (roller skate down the sidewalk – no sidewalks!).

Here's a good example of the latter: if you're going to fool around in the desert, it's probably not the best idea to play Blind Man's Bluff, because if you're "it," and you can't see where you're going, chances are you're going to fall right into a patch of prickly pear cactus.

And that's exactly what my sister did.

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Jon said...

My first time walking in the desert with a friend. I showed her a little jumping cactus and explained to her that she didn't want to walk near one and she certainly shouldn't touch one. She IMMEDIATELY walked up to the cactus PUT HER HAND ON IT and said, "You mean this one?". We spent the next 40 or so minutes with a pair of pliers pulling the thing off of her. There was much blood and some screaming. I like Arizona. Really.