Thursday, May 06, 2010

Follow-Up: Piper Palin Is Moving Up In The Bag World

Photo by either Getty Images or Patrick McMullen, via Huffington Thing

This is an important update! Sarah Palin brought her second favorite prop (after Trig), adorable Piper, to the Time 100 party on Tuesday night.

You may remember the last time Piper appeared in public with an ostentatious purse, in 2008. Back then, she was hauling around a manifestly fake Louis Vuitton bag which, besides being fake, just wasn't right for a little girl. It was understandable, though, because the Palin family were arrivistes back then.

Now, though, the Palins are filthy rich, and they've supplied li'l Piper with a Coach bag which is both genuine and sized appropriately for a social-climbing post-toddler. Now, it may be true that Coach is a step below Vuitton, but genuine Coach is definitely an improvement over fake LV (although the bag just does not go with the outfit). Granted, logo-festooned Coach stuff* like this is still pretty "look at me," pretty nouveau-riche; that's what happens when hicks suddenly get wheelbarrows full of money. Next step: decent shoes.

*I approve of Coach's more discreet stuff. I have a black leather Coach messenger bag, sans logos, and it's the best bag I've ever had: it's well structured and doesn't go all floppy like cheap messenger bags. Recommended!


TexasYankee said...

She looks like a prostitot... And what up with those flip-flops?

Cartophiliac said...

Watch out... they may make you go to the doghouse with David Letterman for picking on the little girl... LOL

Matty Boy said...

I went to the Huffington Thing to find out who the non-Palins were. I saw the names and I still don't know.

Distributorcap said...

what no Prada? i thought sarah was still living off the largesse of the repuiblican party

Karen Zipdrive said...

I carry a black leather Coach bag myself, without garish logos anywhere, but stamped on the inside pocket.
The canvas/nylon/whatever Coach bag like the one the kid is carrying looks cheap, and it's just wrong to use any product that uses their logo as a major design element.
The kid's entire ensemble is jacked-up. The shiny silver flip flops, the oversized gangsta chain, the persimmon color sack dress...Oy vey!