Friday, May 07, 2010

This Is Arizona: Cowboy Mural

Photos by A.C. Huestis. Click for bigger, funnier.

I can't remember where this gigantic mural is in Tucson. West Speedway? [Update: close, West Grant] It's huge, blocks long, painted on a wall which encircles... a cattle feed factory? [Update: close, a meat rendering plant] I think? I never realized how many funny stories are shown on it, though.

This part is especially hilarious:


z7q2 said...

Thought I would share this with you from my 1987 visit to Tucson:

The reason I took this picture was this was the first time I had ever seen robo-cans (the big modular trash cans with the hook that can be wrangled by one guy driving a trash truck with a robotic arm on it). They are now commonplace here on the east coast, but Arizona was ahead of the curve with trash pickup.

Patrick said...

The mural is on the block wall encircling the Farmer John meat processing plant on the north side of Grant just east of I-10. Strange how happy all the animals look before being processed into sausage isn't it?

Nixie Bunny said...

The Farmer John plant has been defunct for over a decade, but they haven't torn it down, most likely due to the fact that as soon as they started, there would be an uproar that would make the SB1070 kerfluffle look like a tiny ripple in a big pond.

Peteykins said...

Ah! Grant rather than Speedway. I wasn't far off!

Thanks for the clarification, folks.

Bartman said...

What was going on with the pigs in the last photo such that it was painted over?

Bruce said...

Most likely it was some graffiti.

This mural was a vacation touchstone of sort for my childhood. It's gonna suck when they tear it down. I suspect the only thing that's saved it so far is the shitty economy.

It's just east of the junction of Grant and I-10, and once we'd pased the Farmer John mural, we hit the highway and it finally felt like a real trip.

Distributorcap said...

that first picture looks like it hurts