Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Language Virus: Quick, Which Four-Syllable Word Beginning With "D" Best Describes Arizona's New Immigration Legislation?

Well? OK, if you're going to be writing about Arizona's wonderful new law which everybody loves, you could do what I did last week and call it "draconian," or you could choose what everybody else is calling it, which is also "draconian."

I can't remember the last time this wonderful word has had such a revival, but I'm pretty sure this sets a new high-water-mark for its usage in modern history.


samael7 said...

"Dumbassery" was actually my first thought. I don't know if that actually counts as a word.

"Draconian" *is* a good word. Its only downfall is that it also sounds really good to anyone who hears it, and then people use it to death. And then they forget about it until it's ready to rise again from the Limbo of Overused Words.

It's basically a verbal vampire, which only makes it even more cool.

Karen Zipdrive said...


Bartman said...

Wasn't the Draconian right in between the Permian and the Cambrian?

JGabriel said...

The first word I came up with was: despicable. Offensive pun intended to mimic/mock AZ xenophobes/Republicans.

But draconian is good too.