Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exciting New Feature/Contributor

Photo by A.C. Huestis

I'm pleased to say that my brother Andrew has agreed to supply this site with photographs on the theme of "This is Arizona" for the foreseeable future.

Like me, Andrew moved away from the state for a while, and I think that's crucial to understanding the mixture of bizarre and hyper-normal, bleak and chaotic, amusing and aggravating, gorgeous and tawdry... the endless dualities which make up Arizona. Unlike me, however, he moved back, so that puts him in a great position to process and document what he's learned.

I'm very excited! Stay tuned for more!


Matty Boy said...

It that cactus yellow all the time or was it just the right time of day?

Also, it could stand some tending of its bikini area. Oh, wait a second I think that's a bird's nest. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Alto Arizona Art campaign:

also Prescott, AZ tax day:

Lulu Maude said...

Zowie! What limbs!

Anonymous said...

That picture needs an accordion-shaped coyote with an anvil on its head.