Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reprint: Review Of C.D. Payne's Youth In Revolt

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In 1994 I read a new novel, one which was quickly amassing a cult following, called Youth in Revolt. I liked it a lot, and reviewed it (see above) for Hypno Magazine. It's not a very well written review, but I stand by it. I certainly recommend reading the book.

I haven't seen the movie because I just can't believe Michael Cera, good as he can be, can do justice to the Nick Twisp character.


Matty Boy said...

Do you think any young actor is up to the role of Nick Twisp, or is it just an unfilmable novel?

Peteykins said...

I think it's filmable, but not as a two hour movie. It would have made a great miniseries.