Friday, July 24, 2009

Sarah Palin, Stuporstar

(Pic via AP)

So much being said about Sarah Palin these days! Everybody is excited that her last day as governor of Alaska is coming up, and her inanity and dullness will be unleashed, unencumbered by... well, by what? Governing? Ha.

The Washington Post is a virtual extravaganza of Sarahproduct today. First, they released their new poll figures which reveal that she's got quite an uphill battle to be taken seriously. What's shocking to me isn't that 57% of respondents think she's incapable of understanding complex issues, but that 37% think she is. But whatever: bad numbers.

Next, the Post allowed Barbara Boxer and John Kerry to refute Sarah's recent op-ed on energy. Fine. OK. Why did they run it in the first place?

And finally, a charitable piece in which some religious guy with big hair says the most hilarious and accurate thing:

Amid all the babble about Sarah Palin's recent resignation as Alaska's governor and amid all the speculation about her potential presidential bid, few have noted a new job for which she is eminently qualified: civil rights leader for people with intellectual disabilities.

OMG, so true! So hilariously true! She certainly is a leader for people with intellectual disabilities! But wait, that's not what he means; he means that she would be a great spokesmodel and advocate for parents of children with Down Syndrome. This is so, I guess, but it would hardly bring Sarah the celebrity she so desperately craves. Plus, she herself is so incredibly cretinous that it's difficult to imagine her advocating effectively for anything.

But forget the Washington Post. My favorite Sarah thing today is this utterly, wonderfully ridiculous column by the Examiner's "expert" on astrology, who wants to know if the stars and planets confirm that Sarah is a big ol' quitter. Well, since the author begins with the overwhelming evidence that Palin is, in fact, a quitter, then all she has to do is shuffle around her Tarot cards or star charts or whatever and concludes that, uh huh, she is. See how astrology works? Don't you love science?

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! What did I ever do to deserve you?


Lulu Maude said...

Now she can return to the cabbage patch from which she came.

Baby Foot Head said...

She's a housewife from Wasilla, that's all she is. She'd make a great shift manager at the local Walmart. If she were half as smart as she thinks she is, she'd give up all this national prominence nonsense and put in her resume over there.

Matty Boy said...

She is the strong voice on the national stage for women who have a new baby and a new grandchild from their unwed teenage daughter in the same calendar year.

Riding the double wide all the way to Washington!

Tom said...

Princess, fantastic as always! Will you please, please begin a Sarah Palin hairdo alert system? This is something America needs!

Anonymous said...

"What's shocking to me isn't that 57% of respondents think she's incapable of understanding complex issues, but that 37% think she is."

IMO, it's not a question of whether she is so much incapable, as whether she is uninterested. Understanding complex issues takes work, coupled with a certain minimum of follow-through. Anyone see any danger of that happening?

Bueller? Bueller?


foih said...

37%, even plus or minus 20%, is damn depressing. Is it the water?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh please, please, please, let her run for president in 2012.
The Republicans need another George W. Bush and Dick Cheney needs another patsy to cover for him while he runs things.

Rondell said...

That's one freaky ass white people doll.