Thursday, July 23, 2009

PSP Workplace Struck by Lightning!

At about 2:30, the National Gallery of Art was briefly, thrillingly, plunged into darkness! Very exciting! It was raining and thundering and lightninging like crazy, too!

When the power came back on, we fired up our computers and tried to find out what had happened, and... well, nothing. No mention of power outages on DCist, nothing in the Washington Post, etc. Puzzling! We then found out that the outage had only affected the West Building, and the working theory was that we had been struck by God as punishment for all the nudies in the sculpture gallery.

I'll post a photo dramatization when I get home. Neat!

UPDATE: I'm crushed to report that it was apparently some highly localized PEPCO issue, not lightning at all. Tsk!


Christopher said...

God hates neoclassical architecture, clearly.

Cheryl said...

Ooo! exciting! Wish I'd been there.

PonyPal Adam said...

The lights were flickering and going on and off during the 1-1:30 stretch down in the Cascade, too...weirdness.

dguzman said...

PEPCO, Schmepco. I see a photo that clears shows God's big old paw firing a heavenly bolt at your workplace. The Princess said it; I believe it!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hmm, God's finger looks like yours, Miss Pony.