Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Richard Cohen is Concerned About This Sarah Palin Lady

It's Tuesday, Richard Cohen day! This week's column is weird, because I agree with every last thing in it, and you probably will, too. What's noteworthy is just how badly composed it is even by our admittedly low standards for Cohen's writing.

First, Richard introduces us to the concept of "alternative reality" fiction, and then announces that he's going to give it a whirl: "Here is my contribution to the genre: Sarah Palin becomes president of the United States."

And then... well, no, that's it. That was his contribution. The rest of the column is filled with revelations of Sarah Palin's inadequacy and a rambling have you heard? Republicans are in disarray observation. This thing is so lightweight that I'm pretty sure Cohen composed it on his cell phone while sitting on the toilet. So we don't actually get to hear what would have happened if Sarah 'n' John had won; we'll have to wait for a less lazy writer to tackle that one*.

There is one tiny little thing that makes it hilarious:

Almost as interesting as Palin is South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Never mind his affair. These things happen.

Haw, these things happen! They do, don't they, Richard?

*As will happen, inevitably. My version of "What if McCain/Palin had won?" would feature, like, John starting eight more wars and Sarah getting interviewed by Ladies Home Journal for two years straight.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Cohen needs to be mentioned in a college journalism textbook under "flowery prose."
He's got a firm grasp on the obvious, yet he enthusiastically opines as if he's the first to think of...whatever.
How he still has a job is a mystery.

dguzman said...

Can't he just retire already? He's obviously just mailing it in now.

Anonymous said...

So, we can only deduce that Trig, too, can grow up to be a Washington Post columnist? And if so, how would we notice the difference?

drew in sf said...

As a devotee of the alt history sub-genre (it's generally grouped under the sf umbrella), I hereby issue a geeks' fatwa against R. Cohen for presuming to dabble in that sacred genre. May 1,000 Harry Turtledoves infest his naughty regions for his transgression.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Yeah, he's no Man in the High Castle, that's for sure.

karen marie said...

Have you seen the iteration of Palin and the baby with the baby replaced with a fish? It moves. The fish's mouth opens and closes and the fins flap. It's pretty funny.


It was posted last night by twolf in a thread at Dependable Renegade.


p.s. Cohen is a dolt.

Laura Roslin said...

Oh I get so much joy from your blog. Sara Palin is comedy gold, isn't she. Same with all right wing nuts, its almost embarassing to watch them flail.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cohen knows all about cheating- having cheated on his first wife more than once- with different women.