Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How They Think

It's funny and sad to see people trying to defend Sarah Palin. Here's some hack from the Heritage Foundation giving it a go. You have to read the whole thing:

Governor Palin gives every elite East Coast or California liberal the ability to openly mock middle American values while acting like they are above the fray. They point at her and say she wasn’t qualified, because apparently in 2008, the election was about experience. Senator McCain had decades; President Obama…did not. They point at her family, and laugh at how they wouldn’t fit into their country club. They point at her daughter, and somehow draw a conclusion that Palin is a hypocrite because life experience doesn’t always match our prayers. They nudge their buddies at the MoveOn meeting, and snicker that she doesn’t speak like them, didn’t go to Harvard, never interned for a Senator. Unfortunately for the elite liberals, America is comprised of a majority of people who relate to Palin. She is their next door neighbor. Liberals will laugh, and look at the November election results, and say never. America is like them, they voted so. They want big government, big taxes and international apologies. But this dismissive hand wave of the American heartland from the shores of Martha’s Vineyard will come back to bite them.

I love how his only defense of Palin is that, basically, Democrats are assholes, forever pointing and laughing. Note that he offers not one example of Sarah's positive qualities other than her ability to be disliked by liberals. His portrayal of us as Harvard-educated country club members in Martha's Vineyard is so hurt sounding. And, um, so Republican sounding, really. Who, for instance, is more likely to belong to a country club, me or the Heritage Foundation's director of strategic communications, hyper-insidery Rory Cooper? It's ridiculously easy to imagine Cooper complaining about "elitists" with his golfing buddies.

Also: Most Americans love Sarah so much, and that's why she won!


jgr4 said...

How is it a qualification for the office of the presidency that a person is my next door neighbor, or a guy I can have a beer with?

My neighbor is a pot-smoking real estate agent in a lower middle class suburb. I like the guy, and he's fun to have a beer with. But I wouldn't want him running my company, nevermind the free world.

Does it make me an elitist to want a president that got into the best university, and made the best grades, and was wildly successful, won a nobel prize, was a law professor, etcetera?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I just want a president and vice president who are smarter than me.
Is that too much to ask?

dguzman said...

Yup, Rory's nailed it. I'm sure this champion of the common man and his buddies sit around every night in their t-shirts and boxers, swilling Miller Lite and playing penny-ante poker, while grousing about how their minimum-wage jobs are killing them. Meanwhile, we elitist Harvard-educated commies munch on cucumber sandwiches and drink martinis at our country clubs.

I feel so exposed!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Martha's Vineyard. I hear it's nice. But I guess I'm still a liberal elitist because I think Sarah Palin is a disaster.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Oh let me try...

Sarah's strateegery is plain and simple. She's so smart, SO SMART, that you liberals can't even begin to fathom all that is Palin. She's using some major stealth shit on y'all. You know what its based off of? Some secret KGB tactics she learned from Pootin when he'd rear his head and look over into the airspace of Alaska-- you know, where he goes when he wants to visit the United States.

Christopher said...

If I'm so smart and elitist, why do I have no money? A fancy car? A fancy degree? Perhaps it's self hate. I too am a public educated person from a small town in middle America. And I've always aspired to something greater. While being mindful of my roots.

You know? My grandmother, may she rest in peace, was for all purposes a liberal: she was actively atheist, she was pro-choice, anti-war and the daughter of immigrants -- but she INSISTED that she was a Republican.

Being a Republican suburban housewife was having arrived. It was the destination of fitting in. Of access. Of rising above those poor immigrants that Democrats were always attaching themselves to.

She was a Republican because it was a status symbol. If she hadn't been such a dittohead and a racist, I think she would have actively hated Palin and voted for Obama. Vulgar mediocrity is not a Republican value my grandmother signed up for.

Anonymous said...

I guess she's running, because Michael Steele says she isn't.

Alex said...

You know, after looking at Rory Cooper's CV I found myself goin' a-googlin' to see whether he was the very same NASA press guy who was trying to suppress the Big Bang theory on religious grounds (he wasn't - that was a different GWBush appointee).

Wikipedia did however tell me that "Rory Cooper's False Antechinus" is a "recently named species of small carnivorous marsupial."

I'll bet Sarah Palin doesn't have an entire species named after her.

Bartman said...

"Senator McCain had decades;"

Right; decades of failing to merit that III after his name.

karen marie said...

I had a little chat with one of my clients today. She said she thinks Palin is being unfairly picked on.

I asked her to consider the fact that Palin does not actually know anything about anything, she has no specific policy positions, she talks only in generalities, sees the country in terms of "elitists" who are cheating "real Americans." I described a multitude of problems in Alaska that need serious attention by a committed chief executive -- Wasilla being the meth capital, serious problems with foster care, the sustenance problems in the rural areas, the flooding in Eagle and other communities, to name a few.

Palin could do a lot for her state if she wanted to. She chooses to walk away, to abandon the citizens who believed her campaign promises and voted her into office.

If Palin thinks that being president means you are free from ridiculous attacks and large attorney fees, she should talk to Bill Clinton or just open a newspaper.

What a moran.

FranIAm said...

Being as I read some of those loathsome Catholic blogs 'n shit, I can tell you, as others have pointed out, as this post points out... there is Sara-pathy, my new term for Sarah Sympathy.

It is screwed up.

Kevin said...

OMG! I need that pink Palin hat!

Maurerguy said...

"this dismissive hand wave of the American heartland from the shores of Martha’s Vineyard will come back to bite them."

Got to love it when they get so entranced with their own message that they start not just mixing but casseroling metaphors.

Madduane said...

OMG, Kevin! Isn't it so cool that something dated 2012 is already loony nostalgic Americana in 2009! And yeah, pink is an awesome color for a baseball cap.

Too bad I will never, ever wear one. I think I'd have to cut off my head to avoid it.

dguzman said...

I've seen farm-women all over rural PA wearing that loathsome hat. And it's so cheaply made too--why can't it be made of cotton, instead of that cheesy 1970s poly-vinyl? I guess it's just a metaphor.