Monday, June 15, 2009

This Can Only End in Tears

I'm sorry, but I know an obviously bad idea when I see one.


Anonymous said...

He's an extremely good actor and might do very well. At the age of 27 he was terrific as Falstaff for the Public Theater. Also, he played Anthony in A&C for the RSC. Don't knock it if you haven't seen it.

Only going 'anon' since google is too boring to set up.

l.e.s.ter said...

I guess we just learned that Stacy Keach finds google too boring to set up.

g said...

Yes, Keach is a good actor. But once you've seen Sir Ian, you'll never see another Lear as good. He is "every inch of a king." If you know what I mean.

Liquid said...

Must plug!
Slings & Arrows, a Canadian teevee series based on the well-known Sratford Shakespearean festival: their third and final season they do King Lear, and it's amazing to see. Do watch if you haven't and you like Shakespeare and theatre.

- PonyPal Liquid

ps - I'm really sorry to geek out here, but it is *Antony* and Cleopatra.

Liquid said...

That should read 'Stratford'.

Anonymous said...

Of course you're right Liquid. I'm afraid I allowed indignation to get the better of me. Stupid, I know. I was in the Henry IV and Keach was very good indeed. Couldn't watch the McKellan version: too old-fashioned. They somehow managed to make the play look bad. But I hear the series about Stratford is very funny.