Monday, June 15, 2009

Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

Oh, look, Richard Cohen's latest column is up a little early, YAY! In this column, Richard reveals that there is Antisemitism in this world, both shooting up museums here in DC and, oh, just tons of it in the Arab world. Richard doesn't like this, and you know what? That's perfectly fine. He's right, and it is upsetting. So, honestly, for once, I don't have any big deal with this latest column*.


This part struck me as totally odd:

We have almost 2,000 years of experience with anti-Semitism and know by now its immense power. It lays the groundwork for the horror that inevitably follows.

And from that, I am forced to choose between two unappealing conclusions:

  1. Richard Cohen is unaware of Antisemitism in the ancient world.
  2. Richard Cohen thinks Antisemitism in the ancient world wasn't so bad.

Probably, though, the real answer is just, simply, that even if (?) he's right, Richard Cohen just isn't very bright.

*To be honest, though, I'm really just using this week's Cohenproduct as an excuse to combine that headline with that illustration.


sjelly said...

The picture is fantabulous and Richard Cohen is an idiot. But you knew that already, oh sparkly one.

FranIAm said...

Oh - that silly Richard! 2000 years of anti-semitism! He must mean the Christians.

And even though I am one, albeit a most irreverent one, I don't take his words personally.

After all, as you say - he just isn't very bright.

BTW, fab graphic of Richard. Loving it hard.

Sue J said...

Princess, does this recently discovered photo of young Cohen qualify him as a "Pony Pal"?

Madduane said...

Kliban reference?

Anonymous said...

Oh Madduane! This brings words to mind, Klibanesque words...

"Love to eat them Cohens, Cohens what I love to eat. Bite they Cohen heads off, nibble on they tiny feet."

FranIam at secret undisclosed workplace where no blogging is allowed! Ever! Except I had to say this and say it now!

Nisha said...

Yes but Andy Rooney hates shoes:

dguzman said...

Best. Cohen. Pic. Ever.

So anti-Semitism itself isn't horrible; it's what comes AFTER it that's horrible. Hmm... Little Dickie's oh so deep.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Cohen is about as helpful to Jews as Limbaugh is to Republicans.
The pic is fabulous, though, one of your classics.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Matt, it is, of course, a Kliban reference, but via Nurse with Wound. The lyrics to "Dance of Fools" are as follows:

You've been babysitting yourself again, and now you bring on the pantomime horse with all its special effects. On your silly hobby horse, hanging up carrots in front of the ass's blinkered eyes, your eyes. Never eat anything bigger than your head, and we shall dance the fool again. And we do, and we do.

Lulu Maude said...

It's so important to have heroes, even in adulthood.