Monday, June 22, 2009

Bible-Belter Melter

John Ensign and Friends, Spahn Ranch

I absolutely love this piece at Talking Points Memo about John Ensign's Jesusyness because it just descends into kinda funny and wonderful sounding left-wing conspiracy theories, the kinds we like, the kinds where shadowy Christian cabals of lobotomized GOP drone senators and representatives meet and cast dark spells and... well, and confront each other about fucking other people's wives.

The best part, besides not being able to tell what's true and what's, like, woooooo, is the name of the secret society: The Family. Ha, no really! So rules, right? So for all the rest of the article, it's The Family this and The Family that, and it's all just so hilarious that I totally had to check I wasn't reading The Onion.

But oooooh, they are so shadowy! LOL.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Ensign as a slimy cheater is straight out of central casting.
I hope the GOP's who donated to his campaign are pleased to know part of it was going to his mistress and her family.
Family values, my ass.

Bartman said...

Which one is Leslie Van Houten? She was a Raaaaaaaaaascal.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

I think she may be the one all the way in the back with the stripey shirt.

Anonymous said...

I first heard of "The Family" while doing research on another org that had suddenly started to sound very cultlike.

Heard about it through wandering into

Which seems to pretty successfully straddle a very difficult line -- how do you share accurate information about an org that keeps it inside?

as you may guess, it is not easy reading.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Leslie van Houten is not pictured in this photograph (nor are either of the other girls convicted with her, Sadie and Katie). The only one I can't name is the one squinting in the back and to the left, but it's certainly not Leslie. Striped-shirt girl is Mother Mary, girl playing with her hair is Cappy, then the four others from left to right are Sandy, Ouisch, Squeaky, and Gypsy.