Thursday, April 09, 2009

ACTUAL Winner of 2008 Presidential Election Revealed

The Observer reports:

John McCain's 24-year-old daughter Meghan has a book deal! Sources say Hyperion has prevailed over at least three other publishers in an auction that began earlier this week, following a round of meetings during which the in-your-face young conservative and the literary agent she shares with her father, Sterling Lord Literistic president Flip Brophy, discussed a number of possible approaches to the book with editors around town.

Several sources said the advance Ms. McCain will receive from Hyperion, which is owned by the Disney Company, is in the high six figures.

While we haven’t quite nailed down what Ms. McCain’s book will be about—no one at Hyperion nor Ms. Brophy returned calls this afternoon—if her recent columns for Tina Brown and Barry Diller's Web site The Daily Beast are any indication, it will probably have something to do with the future of the Republican party, and how it must change to attract the votes of modern young people.

Jim Newell translates:

Her daddy literally called his friend “Flip” at an agency called “Sterling Lord Literistic” to demand that he make his daughter more richer with an imaginary book about nothing.

I can't help but wonder if the money to pay the person who actually writes the book comes from Meggie's advance, or if Hyperion foots the bill for that, too.

Well done, Megs! It's nice to see a cute, rich, not-particularly-bright girl catch a break for once!



Karen Zipdrive said...

I'd buy the book if she just wrote about what a bitch Sarah Palin and her trampy daughters were during the campaign.

Sample Chapters:

Babies n' Bongs
Alaskan weed is extra strong
Todd Palin's Big Totem Pole
Bristol n' Blowjobs
Sarah's Padded Bras
Trigg's Not Her Grandson

tangobaby said...

I'm with Karen Zipdrive. And I have to remember to keep reading your posts when I have an especially crappy day because I totally forget about my life when I come here. I get so mesmerized.

g said...

Well, it's a better deal than Bush got, isn't it?

Matty Boy said...

Sterling Lord Literistic! Princess, please! When the day comes the publishing world beats a path to your door, do not sign with Random House or Doubleday or Simon & Shuster or any of those last century losers. It's Sterling Lord Literistic or nothing!

puravida said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I am so totally going to read Meghan's book. I hope she includes her playlists-she totally listens to the same stuff I do. Also, now I have Christmas presents for my whole family taken care of and it's only April!

I can't wait until she gets invited on "Dancing with the Stars." Oh. But her asshole Dad probably wouldn't let her go on it. Well there's always "Survivor-Republicans at the North Pole."

hooverific said...

Ah, the warm friendly Fascism of Disney! Gettin' my copy at WalMart as soon as it comes out.

dguzman said...

I'm just imagining the suicidal angst at the editorial meetings at "at least three other publishers." sigh.