Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quickie: OK, OK, OK


If I mention these two stories will people stop emailing me about them and posting links to them in the comments? Yes? Great!

  • Somebody somewhere threw a shoe at somebody. This mainly demonstrates that trendy British bandwagon jumpers ruin everything. The insistence that I "cover" this story also demonstrates that people really don't get what I'm writing about when I write about the Middle Eastern Shoe Art Renaissance.
  • Condi gave Will Ferrell a lap dance or something. Wait, what? Watch out for that scissor-action, Will! The insistence that I cover this story demonstrates that people really don't believe I do daily Google News searches for the word "Condoleezza."

EDIT: Picture of a puppy in a mixing bowl added to mitigate the bitchiness of this post.

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