Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out with Condi, In with Hillary: Out with the Matching Armchairs, In with the Matching People

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pictured with shrine maidens during her visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo February 17, 2009. REUTERS/Pool

Such a cute idea! From now on, when Hillary travels to a foreign land, instead of being presented with matching armchairs for photo-ops, she'll be presented with adorable matching locals in quaint native garb. The Condi years really are over!

Ha, ha, I'm just kidding. Of course they had some matching armchairs:

Also, you seriously cannot even fathom how many pictures have been taken of Hillary on this trip. I saw the top photo pop up this morning, and by this afternoon, it was already something like 15 pages in on Yahoo News photos. There will be no drought of Hillaryproduct.


Anonymous said...

As a long-time critic of "Dr" Rice's oft-repeated im-posture and scissors-legs self-glorifications while posing for her official photo-ops, semi-pornographically exposing parts of her lower self while sitting on her unfairly-earned Bush "numero-uno diplomat's chair," may I ask if PSP does not dismiss with aristocratic insouciance my humble suggestion that Hillary, like, evidently, Nancy Pelosi and (sadly) unlike Condoleezza, seems to have been taught, at one stage in her life, perhaps in her youth, how to sit properly, as least judging from the above photo.

pc said...

Hills did mention a "white glove" upbringing in the Chicago suburbs. Perhaps cotillion was involved.

My compliments to Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for constructing an elegantly tone-on-tone Matching Armchairs Photo Op, even if Hillary's blue jacket throws it severely off balance. They should have lowered the translators into a pit, though. Looking forward to the opulent Beijing photo ops! Hills, take plenty of notes on behalf of your PR team.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

"Anonymous," you are either my mother or channeling her. I did mean to mention that. Yes, Hillary sits well.

Lulu Maude said...

Get up and dance!

I like the translator pit idea.

Who's Taking Notes? Somebody should be Taking Notes.

Matty Boy said...

On Rachel Maddow's show, there were pictures of Hillary getting off the plane in Japan. She had a black floor length coat, not particularly exciting from the outside, but the wind blew and the lining was FABULOUS!!!!

I thought OMG! Ghost of Merv Griffin!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hillary looks a little pale. Let's hope she gets herself a make-up artist to travel with her sooner rather than later.
But that smile! She looks like she's having fun gobbling up foreign diplomats, whereas Condi always looked like she was passing a stone.

z7q2 said...

This diplomatic junket would achieve total awesomeness if Hillary made a surprise visit to DPRK. Can you imagine? I am dying to see what Pyongyang would do with matching armchairs.

It may not happen this trip but I am betting you it will happen during Hillary's tenure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, who was worthy of PSP's reply, evidently does not know grammar: it should be not "like, evidently, Nancy Pelosi and (sadly) unlike Condoleezza, seems to have been taught," but, as PSP bloggers know so well but were kind enough not to criticize, "as, evidently, Nancy Pelosi and (sadly) unlike Condoleezza, seem to have been taught."

The worse thing in our barbaric times are illiterates pretending to be literate and criticizing a Ph.D who did so much for America.

Fran said...

Obama has a "special envoy" Richard Holbrooke who went to Afghanistan & Pakistan. Kind of like he did not want to entrust Hill to take on the serious stuff?

Otherwise, I am shocked that Hillary has broken from the matching pantsuit ensemble tradition.
This is major fashion breech!

Has Hill gone all rebel or was her luggage delayed @ Customs???

lebecka said...

Glad to see that Hillary left the matching pantsuits behind in DC, but I can't help but feel that the Department of State will be distinctly less fabulous without Dr. Rice at the helm.
However, Hillary is much more ladylike in her sitting demeanor. This is tells me that she was in a sorority in her college days. I say this because one of requirements for my sorority was the ability to sit like a lady. If you didn't learn, you didn't get in. This was not easy for a bunch of provincial yahoos like we were.

Everything I am today I owe to my sorority's "manners and posture" lessons.