Thursday, February 05, 2009

More Historic Photos of Jeff Fortenberry's Hair, Winner of "Best Congressional Hairdo – Male Division" for 2009!

(November 4, 2008. All photos AP)

He's really giving Blago a run for his money, hairdo-wise (what a great word!), in the above shot. Yay, let's look at more:

That's February, 2006, evidently when he had his dandruff under better control. But wait, how about this in November of the same year:

Is it just the lighting, or has Fortenberry's coiffure gotten significantly browner than before?
This next one, from June 2004, I'm just throwing in to make you love him more:

So I don't know, the hair seems to go back and forth from more brown to more gray. Doesn't that imply dye-jobs? Doesn't that support my theory that Fortenberry's hair is real and lustrous and fabulous and totally not a wig, just remarkably wig-like? I'm sticking to that story until somebody (*AHEM* congressional staff Pony Pals!) demonstrates otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Hi PSP! I used to work with a guy in the classically coiffed 80's that wore a series of wigs the got longer, implying growth. He'd start over every few months. No one was fooled. It was highlarious! (Really nice guy though...)

Love this site. Keep up the good work!


Jun Okumura said...

He has color-themed wigs?

Drama Queen said...

Grecian formula?

Matty Boy said...

He should embrace the gray, but instead he struggles with it!

Sometimes, the ex-grays can be really embarrassing.

lorrwill said...

Are you sure that's a hair do and not a well styled tribble on his head?

Osgon said...

I'll bet he just prays that gray away. I can see the scene now:

Fortey's kneeling at the alter before the pastor. The choir singing softly in the background. And the paster says,

"Gray, Be Gone! In the name of all that is and righty-ous and goody-ous, I rebuke you pigment challenged follicles. Oh creator, sanctify this man's scalp, for he must stand as a witness before all the peoples and be an example of your goodness. Help his locks grow to be strong and bountify."

"So I'll now call upon our brothers and "sisters" in the choir to join hands and sing a stanza from that old blessed musical....

And the choir rsesponds, "Gimme Lots of Hair. Gleemin' Streamin' ... Flaxen' Waxen.... Hair!"

[What, you thought I was gonna recommend that other song? "Sodomy"? Sorry. Gotta save that for when we have congressmen who have other struggles.]

Lulu Maude said...

I think it's perfectly honorable to employ the proper Grecian Formula to match the proper focus group.

Have you heard of neurolinguistic programming? This is its neurofollicular equivalent.

aristotle3 said...

Jeff has fabulous hair. Gray or not, it is enviable. What a handsome guy.