Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pretend You Want to be There

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson laughs while delivering his State of the State Address during the opening of the 2009 Legislative Session at the Capitol in Santa Fe, N.M. on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Jeff Geissler)

Something tells me that Bill really isn't all that wild about where he was and what he was doing yesterday, but heck, them's the breaks.

However, please note that Papa Bear's beard is much better defined, displaying a dedication to beardedness. Accordingly, the Bill Richardson Facial Hair Alert System™ has been raised to Elevated:


Madduane said...

I look forward to the warning system settling in at a state of high alert.

samael7 said...

Once again, thank you for your valuable contribution to our nation's security and alertness! You're a true hero!

Anonymous said...

Highly esteemed Princess Sparkle Pony,

How we all admire you but Mr Richardson will never match "Dr" Rice as an object of ridicule/opprobrium -- or better said, of morbid fascination.

The Guv's beard is simply of little interest except to persons who shave their face, their legs, or their public (sorry, meant pubic) areas.

Bald, beardless men who prefer to keep whatever hair they have left need not apply to PSP, evidently. Shame on you!

Still, as the populo minuto, I among them, suffering from genetically-caused hair-repression would perhaps exclaim, "no problem" ...

But that is not a certainty. As a hairless man-person, I find myself part of an oppressed male majority.

Having gotten this off my chest (thank God with some hair, although all-too-white), it is a pleasure to see the PSP blog continue with its princely take on America -- apr├Ęs le Bush/Rice deluge.

Offred said...

Hey, I just noticed how much Bill Richardson looks like Mario Lopez. I think there's a story there.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Pony, I am struggling to get on the Bill Richardson facial hair bandwagon, but I keep thinking this might be a gay-guys-who-love-furry-papa-bears thing.
Lo siento.

Anonymous said...

you're probably right, he's not to wild about where he is but heck, it beats jail which is where he belongs.