Friday, November 07, 2008

UPDATE: Adorable Bear King Still Disappointingly Beardless

In this photo released from the Jordanian Royal Palace, King Abdullah II of Jordan, right, meets with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, left, in Aqaba, Jordan, Friday, Nov. 7. 2008. Rice is on a Middle East tour to assess progress in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.(AP Photo/ Yousef Allan)

A while ago I would have been so excited that Condi was going to meet with King Abdullah, but ever since he started shaving, it just isn't the same. He just kinda looks like an ordinary guy now, not the adorable King Kub with whom I was strangely infatuated. Sad!

Earlier, Condi met with Mahmoud Abbas, and they had a press conference, and she was all, like, "Annapolis! Remember Annapolis?" like anything really happened there or something. It's pretty much all she has left. You'll always have Maryland, Condi!

God, so boring. Come back, Sarah Palin, I need you!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Princess. When Sen. Ted Stevens is kicked out of the Senate the Governor choses his successor. Who would you expect Sarah Palin to appoint other than herself? It's a lot easier to plan her 2012 run from Washington than Alaska.

rptrcub said...

Dammit, why would a perfectly good bear shave? Oh, and if you are reading me, Richardson, if you get up into Obama's cabinet, please please please don't shave.

BTW, PSP, thx for the linkage.

Sharkbabe said...

Re Jordan: Wonder what that other goodlooking, affable semi-giantess, Queen Noor, has been up to these days?

I sure miss her and Kingy .. they seemed like true John-n-Yoko soulmates .. (despite being gay I root for all good het role models, esp in that part of the world) ..

Sharkbabe said...

And of course you couldn't be righter about the beard .. lord what a profoundly bad choice .. why do so many males just piss away their facial hair opps? Is a puzzlement ..

Then again, look at our Condi here. She's totally relaxed and happy like I've never seen her. I'd bet you a hundred dollars she Baracked her vote ..

major mel funkshun said...

No matching armchairs? For shame!!

dguzman said...

Major hit it on the head--why don't the armchairs match? What is this world coming to? Clean-shaven bears, non-matching armchairs, no tissues in sight, and Condi still trying to be relevant. Sheesh.