Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alan Keyes Roundup!

Just 'cuz it's fun and just 'cuz people have been saying, oh, just meanest things possible about Alan Keyes lately, why not have an Alan Keyes Roundup™ today, too?

  • Christian Newswire totally hearts him, wistfully remembering their watercolor memories of him as a noteworthy Obama victim, but also refer to him as "a friend and a client," so maybe they're biased.
  • Was poor Alan the victim of Paultards? Somebody at Reason says yes!
  • "Obama is no John F. Kennedy, and John McCain is no Alan Keyes," offers Investor's Business Daily, reduced to non sequiturs by unknown causes.
  • Comedy Central is concerned about God forsaking Alan Keyes 'n' such.
  • More laughing and pointing at Alan for being the biggest loser in loservania, this time from The Nation.
  • "It seems hard to believe now, but Keyes was once in heavy demand," the commie pinkos at The American Spectator cruelly point out.



Matty Boy said...

Here's the money quote from the American Spectator piece.

"I kind of represent, in political terms, the abortion. You're invited in, then they kill you. You're invited in, then they kill you."

Unbeliever that I am, inviting someone in then killing them reminds me more of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that's just me.

dguzman said...

I like the repetition for effect in his quote, Matty.

Madduane said...

what th' hell is wrong with this guy? And if he was once the sort of guy a president would put in charge of our relationship with some foreign country, has he had some kind of breakdown, or was the Reagan administration that freakin' incompetent???

Unfortunately, I suspect I know the answer to that...